Dave Luc

name Dave Luc is a tattoo enthusiast. He is constantly researching and writing articles as well as reviews about tattoo related topics. He is also working towards being a tattoo artist. You can visit his review site at Best Tattoo Patterns and Designs.

Strawberry Tattoos – All About Strawberry Tattoos

21st July 2009
Strawberry tattoos are some of the most sought after tattoo design for females because strawberry has a strong feminine connotation. It also represents fertility, temptation and passion. Wearers of this tattoo want to express their feelings and ideas of i... Read >

Tattoo Drawings of Crosses

17th July 2009
Tattoo drawings of crosses have become increasingly popular with men and women. They represent very strong and powerful religious images for the wearers, who hold them in high regards. This is especially true for Christians, as for them, the cross is a sy... Read >